Journal Club Monthly Themes

The Journal Club is an art journaling subscription membership that sends an original, hand-crafted kit of themed journaling goodies to you each month! 

On this page you’ll find: photos of Journal Club subscription kits from past months (as well as links for where to buy extras!) and spoilers/sneak peeks for upcoming months.

(Looking for more information about subscriptions and renewals? You’ll find it here.)

November 2020: Making Magic

This month’s Journal Club kit is all about a variety of tools for making magic. Stickers and ephemera themes include magic word affirmations, potion bottles, hanging herbs and of course, the long awaited second edition of my best-selling ‘Raw Crystal Collection’ sticker sheet!

Making Magic Journal Kit November 2020 - Kia Creates - Inspiring Journals

Subscribe by 22nd November to receive this kit.

(Please note, any subscriptions made after 23rd November will receive January 2021’s kit next, as the Journal Club will be on hiatus for December 2020)

October 2020: Escape to the forest

October’s Journal Club theme was ‘Escape to the forest’. This kit was full of forests, ferns, frogs, and plenty of mushrooms & toadstools!

Enchanted Forest Journal Kit for October's Journal Club subscription members, hand crafted by Kia Marie Hunt of Kia Creates

The deadline to subscribe for this enchanting pack was October 15th, but don’t worry if you missed it! I have a few October packs left over that I have now listed in my Etsy Shop!

September 2020: Spooky Sticker Special

September’s subscription pack was a spooky sticker special, just in time for Halloween!

Halloween vibes, fall pumpkins, vintage witch illustrations, and stickers stickers stickers galore!

Halloween Sticker Kit for September's Spooky Sticker Special Journal Club subscription membership - Kia Creates - Journal Stickers, Sticker Sheets and themed art journaling supplies

The subscription deadline for this pack was September 10th, so it’s no longer available. BUT! All of the Halloween stickers and sticker sheets are now in stock in my Etsy shop, so head over there if you fancy picking up some extras.

August 2020: Washi Tape

Journal Club members who subscribed to August’s pack were in for a treat as this  pack was a very special edition!

August’s theme was Washi Tape, and I collaborated with the Washi Tape Shop to give every Journal Club subscriber…

  • 1 x ‘Washi Tape Rolls’ sticker sheet
  • 1 x ‘Washi Tape Rolls’ magnet
  • 1 x ‘Washi Houses’ mini sticker sheet
  • 2 x ‘Washi Swatches’ journal sheets/colouring pages
  • 1 x Art Journal Zine
  • PLUS 2 x full-sized rolls of gorgeous washi! (provided by The Washi Tape Shop)

(The cut-off to subscribe to this pack was 5th August, but if you missed it don’t worry! Lots of these washi-themed items will soon be available to order from my Etsy shop, Kia Makes)

Watch me pack up August’s Subscription boxes in my latest YouTube video to see all of the items that went inside each box!

The Journal Club Subscription - Art Journaling Subscription Box - August membership - washi tape themed


June/July 2020: The Jewels of June

For June/July 2020, Journal Club members received a pack of beautifully handcrafted supplies inspired by jewel tones, gemstones, crystals, and other magical treasures.The Jewels of June Journal Club subscription membership - Kia Creates - Journal Stickers, Sticker Sheets and themed art journaling supplies

To add an element of mystery to this month’s Journal Club pack, exactly which supplies members received was decided by a kind of ‘lucky dip’.

Here are the items every subscriber to June’s pack received:

  • ‘A fortnight of treasures’ sticker sheet (2 x Days of the Week planner stickers surrounded by gemstones and treasure chests!)
  • ‘Raw crystal collection’ sticker sheet (My personal treasured collection of natural, rough crystals, turned into a magical sticker sheet!)
  • ‘What do you treasure the most’ colouring-in journal sheet.
  • ‘Make your own Magic’ large vinyl sticker

Here are the many wonderful bonus items that each subscriber received at least two of (this was decided randomly, how exciting!)

  • ‘Cosmic bugs‘ stickers (magical insect stickers covered in jewel-toned cosmic patterns)
  • ‘Trust your intuition’ crystal ball clear acrylic charm (use as a phone charm, keyring, tie to pencil case or zip, or use in jewellery making, the possibilities are endless with this special items)
  • Patterned planner sticker sheet (Washi strip stickers, planner dot stickers, corner stickers and flag stickers, all filled with intricate Moroccan-style patterns)
  • Premium Japanese-style wallpaper samples (so gorgeous!)
  • Gemstones mini paper stencil

(Head to my YouTube Channel to watch me use some of June’s Journal Club supplies in my weekly planner!) You can no longer subscribe for this pack but many of the items are now available to purchase from my Etsy shop.

May/June 2020: The Marbled Magic of May

May’s pack was focused on the magic of marbling. As well as including hand marbled papers, this pack had a wide variety of designs that included marbling in some form or another, such as:

Liquid Gold Honey” Sticker Sheet (inspired by the swirling patterns shared by marbling and the little puddles of delicious golden honey represented on this sticker sheet)

Large holographic sun sticker (which incorporates marbling into its design, in gorgeous solar flare colours)

“Celestial Self Care” Sticker Sheet (Think: beautiful ‘skincare product’ bottles filled with marbling and sparkles, inspired by the celestial bodies of our solar system. Sun Serum, Moon Masque, Titan Toner, Callisto Cleanser…)

There are extras of many of these goodies left over from May, so I’ve listed them all for you on my Etsy shop, click here to browse & order!

April/May 2020: An Inspired Spring

April’s pack was all about the inspiring nature of spring, paying homage to the nature and creative projects that the season brings to life!

Members who subscribed to April’s Journal Club pack received all sorts of goodies, covered in florals and creative art supplies. 

This pack included:

“Floral Days of the Week” Sticker Sheet

“Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking…” Sticker Sheet

Playful Journaling” Sticker Sheet

Large holographic paint pallette sticker

Hand stamped papers (daffodils and journals)

“Create your own Happy Corner” colouring sheet

and plenty more!

April 2020 - An Inspired Spring - The Journal Club - Journaling subscription membership - by Kia Marie Hunt of Kia Creates and Inspiring Journals

There are extras of many of these goodies left over from April, so I’ve listed them all for you on my Etsy shop, click here  to browse & order!