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What is the Journal Club?

The Journal Club is an art journaling subscription membership!

Members receive an original, hand-crafted kit full of inspiring journaling goodies based on a different theme each month.

What’s included varies from month to month and theme to theme, so you’ll always be getting a lovely surprise! 

In the boxes below you’ll find more information, answers to FAQs, and of course, the form for subscriptions.

Join the journal club today and start your journaling journey with me!


January's 'New Beginnings' Journal Kit

New Beginnings Art Journal Kit for January 2021 Journal Club by Kia Creates

January 2021’s kit is inspired by new beginnings, doorways, and a sunrise colour palette as the sun begins to rise on this new year, and with it, new opportunities.

Subscribe below by 17th January to receive this kit.

November's 'Making Magic' Journal Kit

Making Magic Journal Kit November 2020 - Kia Creates - Inspiring Journals


October's Escape to the Forest Kit 🍄

Enchanted Forest Journal Kit for October's Journal Club subscription members, hand crafted by Kia Marie Hunt of Kia Creates

September's Spooky Sticker Special Subscription Pack

Halloween Sticker Kit for September's Spooky Sticker Special Journal Club subscription membership - Kia Creates - Journal Stickers, Sticker Sheets and themed art journaling supplies

August's Washi-Themed Special Edition Subscription Box

The Journal Club Subscription - Art Journaling Subscription Box - August membership - washi tape themed

'Jewels of June' Subscription Box

The Jewels of June Journal Club subscription membership - Kia Creates - Journal Stickers, Sticker Sheets and themed art journaling supplies

'Marbled Magic of May' Subscription Box

May 2020 - The Marbled Magic of May - The Journal Club - Journaling subscription membership - by Kia Marie Hunt of Kia Creates and Inspiring Journals

April's 'Inspired Spring' Subscription Box

The Journal Club April Pack - An Inspired Spring Contents Reveal - Kia Creates - Kia Marie Hunt

How do I join the journal club? (Subscriptions and renewals)

If you’re new here, use the form below to register. If you’re already registered, head to ‘My Journal Club account to renew or cancel subscriptions.

  • One month Journal Club membership
What's included in each monthly pack?

Each monthly kit has a completely different theme, arrives in a decorated, card-backed envelope or box (depending on the size of the contents).

Every month you’ll receive at least 2 original sticker sheets, along with many other goodies that vary depending on the theme, but can include: hand decorated paper, sticker paper, colouring-in sheets, journal prompt pages, ephemera, holographic stickers, washi samples, and more!

How do subscription memberships work?

You only ‘subscribe’ for 1 month at a time! No recurring payments, no ‘traps’, no remembering to cancel. Subscribers simply pay for one month & manually renew if they’d like to get the next month.

What does it cost?

A one-month Journal Club subscription costs £14.99. Each box contains at least £25 worth of goodies so you’re getting a great deal! This includes international shipping costs to most countries too!

Is there a cut-off date I need to subscribe by?

Yes! Please subscribe by the 17th of the month to receive that month’s kit.

I ship membership packs around the third week of each month.

If you subscribe after the cut-off date of the 17th, you will receive the next month’s pack.


Where can I see examples of Journal Club packs from previous months/themes?

I share photos and descriptions of past month’s themes (as well as sneak peeks of upcoming packs) on this page.