The Journal Club

The Journal Club is the name of my new creative journaling subscription membership where you can sign up to receive handmade journaling goodies every month! The Journal Club is also the name of my journaling themed podcast… See the links below to listen and/or sign up!

The Journal Club Membership 🎨💌

An art journaling subscription membership that sends an original, hand-crafted package of inspiring journaling goodies to you each month!

Each monthly pack has a different theme, arrives in a beautifully decorated envelope, and contains at least 2 original sticker sheets, hand decorated paper, sticker paper, a colouring-in sheet, ephemera, and more!

The Journal Club Podcast 🎙️🎧

Join your host Kia Marie in chatting about all things art journaling.

In this new podcast, we cover all kinds of journaling topics including artistic sub-communities. We also talk supplies in the ‘Stationery Corner’ segment of the podcast and feature new and inspiring artists in ‘Artist Shoutouts’. Each weekly episode also includes a journal prompt and an Instagram tip of the week!