Apothecary at Home

Creative Journaling and Sticker Collaboration

To celebrate the launch of Apothecary at Home’s new Herbal Study box monthly subscription, I created a ‘herbal grimoire’ style creative journal spread about the magical and medicinal properties of the herbs from the ‘Herbs to Breathe Easy’ box: Catnip and Thyme.

In addition to this creative journal spread, I also designed and produced a bespoke custom sticker sheet design to feature as an item in the ‘Herbal First Aid’ box. This sticker sheet contains my illustrations of the herbs from the ‘Herbal First Aid’ box: Echinacea and Calendula, as well as tincture bottles, leaves, and phrases requested by the lovely founder of Apothecary at Home: Kitchin Witchin’ and I’ve got an herb for that! 

Together, we both shared photo and video content of the creative journal spread and the bespoke sticker sheet to promote and celebrate the launch of the ‘Herbs to Breathe Easy’ and ‘Herbal First Aid’ subscription boxes.

I also co-hosted a giveaway contest with Apothecary at Home and other creators in order to further promote the new subscription membership. One of the prizes for this giveaway was the bespoke Apothecary at Home sticker sheet I created. What a fun and creative collaboration!

























Watch me unbox my Apothecary at Home subscription box on IGTV! 🌿

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