No Issue Co x Kia Creates Collabs:

Eco-Packaging and Autumn Tote


Eco-Packaging Collaboration

In collaboration with No Issue Co, I designed two items from their range of eco-friendly custom packaging options (a wooden stamp and a sticker design) and created social content to promote these items.

As No Issue’s focus for this brand collaboration was to demonstrate how small businesses can use their packaging options to lower environmental impact, I designed a wooden stamp to use on the envelopes I send to my customers, which encourages them to reuse or recycle the envelope and any other packaging they receive with their order. I also illustrated a ‘Happy Earth’ sticker design.

To promote and celebrate these items and this campaign, I created a creative journal spread and two original TikTok videos about how I’m making my small business more eco-friendly. This included my switch from plastic mailers to recyclable paper and card mailers, my switch from plastic to eco-cello, and of course, my incorporation of No Issue products into my packing and shipping process – highlighting the eco-friendly aspects of No Issue’s items, such as the acid free paper and soy-based inks used.

Autumn Tote Bag Collaboration

More recently, I have collaborated with No Issue Co again as part of their seasonal campaign.

To celebrate No Issue’s new for Fall custom organic tote bags, they asked me to create a one-colour design that encompasses the feelings of the changing season. I came up with a reversible burnt orange design bursting with autumn magic, featuring  pumpkins and pumpkin spices, fallen leaves, mushrooms, acorns, and more!

I created and shared two TikToks highlighting the sustainability of No Issue’s tote bags and showing off the fun, seasonal design. 

The ‘Pumpkin Spice and Autumn Leaves’ tote bags are now available to purchase from my Etsy shop, Kia Makes.

A huge thank you to No Issue who have been so much fun to collaborate with! This was such an exciting project that challenged me creatively and I’m so proud of the resulting bag and content we created.  

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