Why should we encourage children to journal? Kia Marie Hunt writes a piece for Female First upon the release of her new books My Awesome Year.

[Note: the below is an excerpt from a feature I wrote for Female First. Please follow the link below to read the full article on their website.]

Journaling has been a trending topic among adults for a while thanks a rise in mental health awareness and self-care practices. Now, we find ourselves at the beginning of adapting this trend for children, with the release of many fun, journaling-style activity books. This can only be a good thing! Author and illustrator of Collin’s My Awesome Year series, Kia Marie Hunt, takes us through the benefits of journaling for children. She also shares well some helpful hints and tips on journaling for kids!

The threefold benefits of journaling

When you encourage children to journal, it can have a positive impact on many different areas of their life.

Let’s take a look at three key areas:

1. Cognitive development

Children who journal regularly have been shown to advance faster than average when it comes to writing and reading levels. Which makes a lot of sense! Writing in a journal naturally enhances a child’s ability to communicate complex ideas with words. The process of reflecting on events and selecting which details to record is also a fantastic skill to develop. Not to mention, recording details that may otherwise be forgotten means a journal isn’t just a tool for cognitive development… It’s also a keepsake that can kids and parents can treasure for years to come!

2. Creative expression…

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