Whether you’d like to start an art journal but you don’t know how, or you’re already a seasoned journaler looking for new art journal ideas, this is for you. I’d recommend that you start your own special kind of mini art journal, called a ‘Tiny Pleasures Journal’.

I first got this idea when I read an article by Arne & Carlos in Flow Magazine about keeping a ‘Book of Tiny Pleasures’. I loved the idea and quickly made it my own by choosing a mini art journal to begin filling with tiny pleasures & treasures. Read on to find out more.

What is a Mini Art Journal / Tiny Pleasures Journal?

‘Mini Art Journal’ is probably pretty self explanatory – an art journal, but bitesized! The idea behind a mini journal kept specifically for Tiny Pleasure though, is a little different to my usual style of art journaling. A tiny pleasures journal is meant for collecting and curating little things that inspire you and make you happy. According to Arne & Carlos, it’s a more long term project than other creative journals. Here are some of their Book of Tiny Pleasures tips:

  • There’s no rush to fill the journal, take your time.
  • Anything can go into your little journal (as long as it’s flat enough to stick in!)
  • Remember that your journal is yours alone – there is no right or wrong way to do things!
  • Use a notebook thats small enough to pop into your bag or pocket so you can take it with you, you never know what you might find.

My personal mini journaling experience

As well using the guidelines above to start my own mini creative journal, I’ve also come up with my own “rules” as I’ve gone along. Creating this tiny pleasures journal has been a very long term process. It has been a year since I started it and I’m not even half way through!

What I love most about this journal is that I’m using it to create and curate a personal collection. It’s almost like a mini museum inside a notebook. Here are some of the items in my tiny journal collection so far:

  • Assorted items from penpals that I treasure. (Top tip: if there’s anything you want to keep but not stick in, make a little envelope or pocket for it!)
  • A selection of my favourite herbal teabag packets
  • Lots of washi tape swatches
  • Miniature versions of things. For example: tiny photos of the teatowels and mugs we use in the house that I’ve cut from their labels, and a mini version of a favourite poster.
  • A zine I want to use for journal inspiration but don’t want to cut up. So I stuck it in whole!
  • Some pretty labels from clothes I treasure e.g. my Vans x Van Gogh ‘Almond Blossoms’ jacket.
  • Random stickers that I love and want to revisit & just look at. (See Instagram post below with a spread from my Tiny Pleasures Journal where I celebrated creating some new sticker sheets I love. Strawberry Planner Stickers, Vintage ‘In Love’ Comic stickers and Cartoon Crystal stickers)

How to start your own mini pleasures journal

Want to start your own? Of course you do. This style of journaling is so much fun and comes with absolutely no pressure at all. I can’t recommend it enough! Here’s how I would suggest you get started, but again, always remember that you can follow your own rules.

  1. Get yourself a little notebook or mini sketchbook.
  2.  If you have any charming items you’ve been holding onto but you’re not sure why, you now have a home for them – stick them in! If you don’t, welcome to your blank canvas!
  3. If you don’t know what to begin with, try giving each page a different theme. For example, choose a certain colour, and collect items of that theme onto the page over time.
  4. Stay on the lookout for papers, stickers, labels, etc. that catch your eye, add them to your collection! (Sorry for self-promo, but I do sell some very fun and quirky stickers that might find a home in your Tiny Pleasures Journal. Feel free to browse my shop!)
  5. Feel excited, not scared – your tiny pleasures journal will always be an ongoing project. This is never something you ‘have to do’, there is no deadline!

Need some more inspiration? Try watching the flip through of my tiny pleasures journal below if you haven’t already– feel free to pause on certain pages to have a closer inspection of what I’ve collected.

As ever, I love hearing what you think! Leave a comment if you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you keep (or plan to keep) a tiny journal too!