• Collage journal kit - Mixed Media Bundle
  • Collage and collaboration journal kit
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  • Mental Health Sticker Sheet created by Kia Makes for Canon Uk
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  • Collab with me journal sheet. Part of the collage journal kit
  • Journal spread made with the Collage and collaboration journal kit
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  • Collab with me journal sheet. Part of the collage journal kit
  • Collage journal kit - Mixed Media Bundle
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Collage Journal Kit | Mixed Media Bundle


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A ‘collage and collaboration’ themed journal kit bursting with mixed media art inspiration! These kits are perfect for art journals, junk journals, planners, scrapbooks, grimoires – the list goes on.

Each kit contains:

  • Collage Graduate sticker sheet x1. Firstly, a sticker sheet full of mini collages, each with a different colour theme.
  • Mental Health matters sticker sheet x1. Secondly, a sticker sheet full of gentle self care reminders and self love quotes with a pastel pallette.
  • Emerald Pastlife sticker strip x1. Thirdly, a strip of mini replicas of gorgeously detailed ’emerald pastlife’ journal spreads from my art journal, transformed into stickers!
  • Vinyl Strawberry Cake Slice sticker x 1
  • Collab with me sheets x 2. Not to mention, two double-sided premium paper scans of partly completed spreads from my journal for you to complete however you wish! or cut up for collages, however we collaborate is up to you 🙂
  • Welcome to Journal Club letter (originally written for my Journal Club Patrons) x 1
  • Plus ephemera extras x 3. Patterned paper mini envelope, cut-your-own collage sticker sheet printable, paper craft bag.

[Please note: mini paper doilies in photo are just props and not included!]

*This kit was originally created for Journal Club members, who receive a hand-crafted journal kit with a inspiring different theme every single month*

To find out more and join the Journal Club, simply visit my Patreon page:

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