• Pumpkins Sticker Sheet
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Pumpkins Sticker Sheet | ‘Playful Pumpkins’ Sticker Sheet


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Pumpkins Sticker Sheet: Bring the pumpkin patch to you with this Playful Pumpkins sticker sheet! A handmade sticker sheet with 11 illustrated pumpkin and squash stickers, along with 5 fun fern leaf stickers.

These pumpkins sticker sheets are matte, with no glossy finish added, meaning that the stickers have a paper-texture and you can draw on top of them if you wish, perfect for you to decorate your journal, diary, bujo, scrapbook, photo album, or anything else.

*This sticker sheet was originally September 2020’s Journal Club kit, which had a Halloween theme!* To sign up to the Journal Club, simply visit my Patreon page:


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