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Vintage Bird Stickers | Bird Sticker Sheet



Vintage Bird Stickers: My gramps (grandpa) used to collect the most beautiful vintage bird illustrations, and has since left his collection to me.

I decided to share their beauty with all of you lovely creative, crafty people by transforming these birds into sticker sheets!

Each vintage bird stickers sheet is matte, with no glossy finish added, meaning that they have a paper-texture and you can draw on top of them if you wish (perfect for art journaling and scrapbooking)

Find more nature-themed items!

You’re free to choose between bird designs, or if you’re a bird lover you can select them all by adding a bundle of all 4 sheets to your basket, which saves you 16%!

You can also choose between white paper for a more contemporary and distinctive look, or sepia for a more vintage, faded feel.

Please note: Though I lovingly scanned, edited and recoloured each of these bird illustrations, and personally handmade each sticker sheet, I do not take any credit for the original vintage artworks (artist unknown).

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Weight 0.015 kg

White, Vintage Sepia


Birds 01, Birds 02, Birds 03, Birds 04, Bundle of 4-save 16%


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