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Magic Book Sticker | ‘Words are Magic’


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Magic Book Sticker: Just in case you need reminding that words really are magic, whether that’s words you read in books or your own powerful words, this holographic magic book sticker is here to help.

What’s inside this magical book you ask? That’s left up to your imagination! Is it a book of spells? Your favourite story? Blank pages waiting for you to shape the unwritten tale of your future? It’s completely up to you!

Each sticker is die cut and made of thin, flexible holographic vinyl, giving it an eye-catching rainbow effect that changes with light and perspective.

These stickers are also protected from scratches, water & sunlight. So, you can use them for journaling & scrapbooking, card making, to stick on your phone or laptop, or to decorate parts of your home.

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5.5cm x 3.9cm


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